DIY Keychains

Typically my FREEBIES on here go straight to the resource, but this is different. I know you want to make these cute keychains for your students using the amazing posters by Prince Padania that you may have seen in a recent Instagram post. And yes, I promise I’m going to share it with you.

For my Black friends: I see you and I hear you. I stand with you now and for the long haul. Keep scrolling.

For my non-Black friends, I want you to reconsider what I shared in my original caption.

We have to keep working towards a better reality. We have to amplify Black voices, support Black businesses, and have open conversations about racism and anti-racism with both people we love dearly and people we may not know well. If you have the means to donate, then do so. Please consider donating to Black Lives Matter or another organization of your choice that works towards racial justice. Please take some time to consider changes you will commit to making. 

Let’s worry about what and how we’re teaching more than we do about how nice it looks. Let’s commit to making mistakes, to stepping back and stepping up, to finding growth in discomfort. I’m inviting conversation over on my Instagram if you’d like to DM me, but know that I am positive I do not have the answers to every question.

Below you will find a free resource with an optional donation (see above). 

Every amount (of time and money) counts.

I’d also like to amplify Black educators and send you over to the amazing work they do. Please remember to honor and respect their time, work, and privacy. Stay out of their DMs for questions you can find on Google.

LaTawnya is a YouTube queen and a fellow Brave Teacher, all while keeping her nails looking flawless! She most recently shared a powerful video titled, “Dear White Teachers,” that is helpful for non-Black educators looking for ways to grow. You can also find her on TpT!

Tanesha is a middle school ELA teacher with an amazing blog, and if you’re looking for a starting point, here is her “Incomplete list of Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist Teacher Actions and Mindsets from A to Z.” She is a trusted ABAR educator who is actively making changes for both students and teachers. Plus, if you are an ELA teacher, I dare you to find something you can’t use in her TpT Store…not likely.

Insert clapping emojis here for David from Amplify RJ. A few weeks ago his mom brought him some specialty donuts and he offered to share and drive one all the way to me! He is currently centering his sessions around Racial and Restorative Justice in education and daily life. Make sure to check out his work, book recs, and consider joining a session!

Other Black educators whose work I’d like to amplify so that you can support. Again, please remember to honor and respect their time, work, and privacy. Steer clear of treating their DMs like Google.

Jasmine, over at Tame the Classroom with this post on “5 Things White Teachers Can Do to Dismantle Racism.

Kristin from Happy Mindful Teacher for mindful resources for teachers and students.

Listen to Gary Gray Jr.‘s podcast series #ItsPersonal as he discusses about identity and life with special guests.

Tre’ Gammage hosts a great podcast called The Dash Podcast which has tons of episodes about a range of topics such as mindset, learning, and SEL in education.

Vera, the The Tutu Teacher is a book influencer with lists of diverse books, and surely you’ve seen how she talks about race with her kindergarten students. If not, you can find it here

Naomi from Read like a Rockstar and Lanesha from Education with an Apron also have tons of great teaching posts and resources, but one in particular that I’d like to highlight is their Family Guides to Talking about Racism. They have the White Families’ Guide for Talking about Racism, The POC’s Guide for Talking about Racism, and The Black Families’ Guide for Talking about Racism.

"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

Martin Luther King, Jr.
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