Breaking Wedding Tradition

All photos by Matthew Lim Photography

The Dress

Let me start by saying, I wanted my wedding to incorporate both unconventional and traditional elements. So many of the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony have roots from so long ago, that they have lost their meaning to me personally. Though I love tradition, I also love to break from the norms when I can.

It was an easy decision for me that I wouldn’t be wearing a traditional white gown. Since green is my favorite color, I should get to wear it, not my girls, right?! *Selfish moment* More specifically, I wanted to wear sea foam green not just because it’s a pretty color, but also because it would be the same color of the dress that I wore to prom with my now husband! (We didn’t actually date until six years later.)

So my “wedding dress” vision was a lacey, scalloped, long-sleeved crop top, with a high-waisted sea foam green skirt in chiffon or tulle. I also had hopes of pockets on this skirt to easily carry my own things. I was even hoping that my old prom dress could be used as the layers on the skirt! How nostalgic! 

It turned out that something close, and just as perfect to my vision would be carried out. As for the skirt, matching the colors of the fabric I had on my prom dress to new fabric, was quite difficult, so I turned to BHLDN and ordered this Jenny Yoo bridesmaid skirt for myself! The only alterations that I needed were along the bottom, so it was an easy fix!

It also turned out that I couldn’t find a nice soft lacey fabric with a scalloped edge…anywhere! The fashion district in downtown LA couldn’t help me out, but my shopping habits paid off! While shopping at Francesca’s, I came across the EXACT fabric I wanted. It was in the form of an olive green kimono, but it gave me hope that the fabric I wanted existed! I was able to find this kimono in white in their online shop, and I quickly ordered two in size XL. A friend from high school who designs and makes clothing completely worked her magic on it and made those two kimono pieces into my beautiful top! Adding some dainty satin buttons down the back also gave it the perfect wedding touch on the backside!

Looking at these photos, I am so in love with the way the entire outfit turned out and I couldn’t be more grateful to the wonderful work of my friend who helped make this come together so beautifully! My favorite part of the skirt was the different hues that were visible at different times of the day!

The Girls

Did you know that bridesmaids use to wear white as well as the bride? Apparently, this was to confuse evil spirits from sabotaging the actual bride–a bridesmaid was there to throw off anyone who might bring harm to the bride.  Um, so that’s NOT the reason my girls wore white…

Since I was wearing white and light green, I wanted my girls to compliment and contrast my outfits. I sent them a Pinterest Board of lacey and flowy white dresses of different lengths. It was a little bit challenging to coordinate, mostly because I’m indecisive and I couldn’t visualize what all of their dresses would look like together. I didn’t actually see how pretty they were until the day of our wedding and I got to see how all the different textures and styles perfectly balanced one another. But really, I think it was their beautiful selves that made the dresses look so great together! 

Their dresses came from VICI, Forever 21, Francescas, ModCloth, and ASOS,

Accessories & Details

I wanted all of my accessories to be simple, subtle, and dainty. Also, since my engagement ring and wedding band are rose gold, I wanted all of my jewelry and shoes to match.

EARRINGS: I searched for some simple studs on Etsy and found the perfect pair from Hook and Matter.  Our venue had a feature hexagon wall, so we tried to incorporate geometric shapes subtly as a part of our decor. These hexagon earrings were the perfect way to tie in that theme and I love that they are also casual enough to wear on a regular basis.  It’s a sweet way to wear a part of my special day to school!

SHOES: I absolutely hate glitter, but I had to make an exception for these shoes. The rose gold color paired with the greenish-blue bottoms WITH A HEART?! I could not pass these up. Though they were hidden under my skirt the majority of my wedding day, I was happy to know they were secretly there and so pretty! Plus, they were totally comfortable the whole day! I had a pair of TIEKS to change into, but didn’t end up ever switching!

Hair and Makeup by E2Beauty

My hair and makeup stylists from E2Beauty were on point and so very sweet. They felt like friends and really catered to all of our wants and needs. I can’t believe how much time they spent taking care of all of us!

HAIR ACCESSORIES: I had some rose gold hair accessories from Francesca’s–clips and pins that I let each of the girls choose from. It gave them all a little extra shiny or sparkle in their hair which, if anything, made me happy to add another way to unify our outfits/style. 

NECKLACE: I wasn’t planning to wear a necklace, but my MIL gifted me a beautiful rose gold necklace that I couldn’t pass up wearing! As you can see, my girls helped me out to make sure it was clasped to the correct length!

BRACELET: I know I talked about every other accessory as if it were my favorite part, but I really did love my bracelet from Mignon and Mignon. It was personalized to included the coordinates of our venue. Stay tuned for a post on my the gifts I gave to each of the girls!


Altogether, I love the way so many little pieces, that I’m sure were not visible to the naked eye, were present. It didn’t matter to me if nobody noticed these subtle accents because I knew they were there, and they were special to me. It wasn’t just some tradition that I felt forced to do, it came out of genuine love for my friends and what I wanted to do. In the end, that’s what your wedding should be about–what you want to do.  What is meaningful to you is what matters most, not some dated tradition that is completely irrelevant to your special day.

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