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My hubby and I had a hard time making decision on a lot of pieces in our wedding. We often found ourselves with too many different ideas and my indecisiveness did not help. However, when it came to the dessert for our wedding, I had no hesitations. I was 100% set on having custom made donuts from California Donuts.

Choosing the type of donuts came down to our budget and color preference rather than preferred flavors. If the aesthetic wasn’t as important to me, I would have picked a matcha frosting, the ever popular sprinkled pink frosting, or even a cake donut. None of those matched the color palette I was envisioning, so I had to pass on them. I wanted the donuts to look pretty and simple with some accent color, so we decided on glazed donuts topped with vanilla icing and sea foam green hearts with our initials on them. With about 160 guests, I ordered 10 dozen vanilla icing and 4 dozen small hearts.  I’m not sure how much a wedding cake for this many guests would cost, but I’m sure it would have been more than $250.

It was in no way essential to have this separate 9″ donut for us to share, but it allowed us to include a “cake topper,” with our adventure theme. The giant donut had a sea foam green and white marble icing and was dipped in rose gold sprinkles along one side, since rose gold was another color we incorporated.

Couples usually feed each other a bite of cake, but since that’s not how I roll, we just grabbed the donut, and each took a bite!

Your wedding day should reflect who you are and what you like, so having these donuts there was really special to me! Growing up, donuts were a special treat my dad would sometime leave me for breakfast and I have fond memories of stopping by the donut/ice cream shop after school so my grandpa could get his afternoon coffee. I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t make the connection between me and donuts at that time though. 

Once in college, Stan’s Doughnuts was my filling station and I told my friends I was on the “Donut a Day” diet. And so began my donut lovin’ ways.

Needless to say, when donuts became a thing that you could find printed on everything from coasters and keychains to paper and pencil sharpeners, my friends and family hooked me up with lots of goodies that wouldn’t actually put on pounds or give me cavities. The more people saw me with donut things, the more I received donut themed things! (Not to mention, I’d buy them for myself too!) 

Anyway, back to the wedding donuts…

Pinterest gave me too many ideas of how I could display these beautiful donuts, and I wasn’t completely satisfied with the risers the venue had available for us.  At the last minute, a coworker who is also in the cupcake business so graciously decided to make these risers for us! Isn’t she so talented!? She painted these wooden risers white and sea foam green and somehow made them detachable with some good ol’ screw technology! My day of coordinator Mellie Bee added white doilies to lay the donuts on and my MIL who did some of the floral arrangements for us, had these pretty roses, baby’s breath, and other greenery to offer some other colors and textures to the donut table.

As for the utensils, napkins, and bags, I was able to provide my own and didn’t see the need for actual plates. I think the mini tongs were from Party City and the napkins were from Target.  Since I assumed not everyone would want to eat a donut, and some would be too full to eat one, I wanted to have to-go bags. I ordered the sea foam green-ish colored bags pictured above as well as these custom bags from Oriental Trading, which didn’t seem to get photographed.

The last elements of decor that were on my our glorious donut table were some picture frames, a photo, and a wire LOVE piece. I made the signs “donut leave empty handed,” and “All you need is love and donuts,” and placed them in Dollar Tree frames that I spray painted rose gold (my one DIY). Because we had a geometric theme going on, we also had this frame on the table with a picture of us as well as this Pillowfort Wire Sign that was also spray painted rose gold (thanks to my sis).

One of the challenges of wedding planning, is that you have to let go of a lot of control. Even if you have the most beautiful vision, it all comes down to the execution. As you know, this sweet display wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many including my two friends who had the most important job, ever: picking up these donuts and delivering them to our venue, over thirty miles away.  Overall, I was so fortunate to have a great coordinator who made this SWEET donut display nothing short of perfection.

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