New Year, New Challenge

I can’t tell you one New Year’s resolution that I’ve ever made. Self-reflection should be a continuous process–not just something to start up at the beginning of a year. I set short term goals frequently and love to test my will power and commitment. They are usually silly ways of proving a point to myself, that I usually do in monthly increments. I’ve done things like a month of zero sweets, a month of flossing daily (I had to make a sticker chart for myself as motivation), and a month of wearing a different shirt every day (to prove to myself that I didn’t need to buy more clothes because I had plenty).

This year, I’m giving myself a year-long challenge. I’ve decided that I will not purchase drinks for myself at Starbucks for an entire year. Why?

  1. I don’t even drink coffee! Starbucks has lured me in with their Matcha Green Tea Lattes. In fact, their matcha drinks in general. During the holiday season, don’t get me started on those Peppermint Mochas either!
  2. I spent over $500 at Starbucks in 2017. Trust me, I checked…and I’m not ok with that! Starbucks is this HUGE corporation that some people visit on a daily basis for their morning fuel. They’ve got enough business. So if I DO choose to have a matcha latte, I can make my own or support a local business in my community. 
  3. Think about all of the cups that are being left behind! Let’s be honest, even if the cups and lids ARE recyclable, how many of them actually make it to a recycling container instead of a landfill? One of my friend’s has helped me become a little more conscious about the waste we leave behind. She carries around her own reusable straw, handkerchief for a napkin, and takes so many small steps that I know makes a difference in the long run! With fewer trips to get Starbucks, which has become so easy with the mobile app, I will leave behind less. 
  4. I can’t expect my students to challenge themselves unless I do the same. When we start school again, I will have my students reflect as well as set some goals for the new year. I always emphasize to my students that it’s good for us to do hard things and try not to have a double standard in my class. What better way to show them that I’m right there with them than by setting a goal for myself too! They’ll also be GREAT at keeping my accountable.

What ways will you challenge yourself in 2018?


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